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To the rescue 

Every woman remembers her first period and that’s usually because it involved some awkward, uncomfortable situation. We can’t make it a

great experience, but we can make it a less terrifying one. Always has created a chatbot that partners with middle schools to discreetly deliver

pads and provide any information a girl might need.

                                                                    Always will place stickers in each bathroom

stall at participating schools.

                                        Girls will be able to text the number with her

                                        specific location code to ask for

                                        a pad and new clothes, if needed.

                                        The chatbot will ask the girl if it is her first

                                        time getting her period. If so, it

                                        will provide her with information.

                                                Lastly, it will ask her if she needs anything        
                                                else and remind her that there is someone

                                                she can talk to - but only if she wants.

Who will deliever these items?

                                            Always will create a network of women by

                                            advertising with a bright red sticker
                                            on all its packaging.

AD: Ty Crump